How Do I Use Your Products?

Dear Beardsmen,

One thing that we have noticed is that for a new comer to the beard growth experience, they aren't always sure which beard products they should get, and also how to use them.

So we thought we would take a minute to help you guys out with the following guide:



READ: Pogonias Beard Oil

We craft our oils for an extremely specific reason; skin and follicle health.

When testing and researching how we wanted our oils to work, we spent a serious amount of time learning about the importance of the oils themselves.  Some oils are great for the hair, while other cater more towards the skin when it comes to what you can buy in the current market.  Our blends are designed specifically for the skin while offering added bonuses for your beard itself.

Our signature line has been scientifically crafted to eliminate beard itch and dandruff. This is accomplished by the amounts of the differing oils we use.  Our oils also have the added natural benefit of providing a basic level of SPF which helps protect your beard and skin from the sun and other natural elements. 

How Much Should I Use?

If you are just starting out with little to no fuzz on your face, we recommend using less than a dime size worth in the palm of your hand.  Place it in your palm and rub it around your hands to evenly coat throughout.  Make sure you apply a light amount to the back of your hand and fingers as well.  This way, every part of your hand that touches your beard is delivering oil to your face.

You will want to massage the oil gently into the beard and down to the root of the hair so that the oil can reach your skin.  Part of the reason that this is so important, is that our signature line also has essential oils that are geared to help fight fungal growth and promote the growth of the weaker hair.  So, make sure to get the oil deep into your beard and skin.

Guys, for longer beards, up the amount as you grow.  We recommend using our oils once in the morning after a shower, and once at night before you head to sleep.  


READ: Pogonias Beard Butter

Our beard butters also have a definitive goal, deep down hair conditioning.

One of the awesome things about using our beard butter is that you are guaranteed to love what it does for your beard!  Our handcrafted "whipped" formula is unique to Order of Beards LLC.  Each batch is completed by a whipping processes that adds a nice fluff to the butter which makes it simply awesome to apply.

The butter is tailored to be an all day, wearable, deep conditioning beard product.  It adds a light to medium hold value and does not leave a "shine" as our balm does.  It's the perfect product to help you get through your day while not having to worry about reapplying a product on the go.

How Much Should I Use?

With our butter, sometimes less is actually more.  It feels great in the beard and you might want to put a huge dab in your growing facial hair.  However, this stuff does go a long way.  So, start out small and work up from there.

We recommend that you use less than a dime portion for shorter beards.  Again, this stuff really goes a long way and you don't want to overload the beard with product.  Place a small amount into your palms and rub your hands together to melt the butter.  It will melt quickly.  Then, apply to the underside of the beard and finally on the outside too.  We recommend that you finish styling your beard with a beard comb or brush and for longer beards, and utilize a hair drier on very low heat to help lock in the butter.

Our butters come in a 4 ounce tin and should last quite awhile!  We recommend using it daily before heading out for the day for a perfect blend of hold and styling.


READ: Pogonias Beard Balm

Our beard balms are crafted for hold, conditioning, and shine.

We wanted the best of both worlds, hold and care, when we created our balm.  How do you get effective hold while also offering the quality of beard hair care we desired?  This balm is our answer.

By now, you know that all of our products are all natural and chemical free.  In the case of our balm, we wanted to offer a product that was specific to us.  Our beard balm mixes a special blend of beeswax, coconut oil, and shea to create a quality hold while not becoming too stiff like a mustache wax, for example.  It also contains the carrier oils needed to nourish the skin and the hair.  And if that wasn't enough, our essential oils offer the anti-fungal and rejuvenating properties needed to stimulate solid growth!

How Much Should I Use?

There is a line between making your beard stick in one direction completely, and managing fly-aways. And like our butters, you will want to try a little, and work up from there.

We recommend that you use the back of your finger nail and slowly scrape some of the balm onto the back of your nail.  Then, rub that balm into the palm of your hand.  Rub your hands together quickly to completely melt the product.  Now, apply the product to the outside of your beard or any other locations that you need to add some control to.  Finish with a comb or brush and style as needed.

Our balms come in 2 ounce tins and should last you quite awhile.  We recommend applying this as the last of our products to finish your look and style before you head out.  Pocket size makes it convenient if you prefer to apply on the go!


Proper beard care is paramount to the success of your beard growth.  It doesn't require hours in the mirror, multiple trips to the barber every week or even that much time out of your day.  However, caring for your beard will only help and nurture that growth that you are looking.

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