The 7 Golden Rules Of Beard Growth

Order of Beards November

November is upon us, Gentlemen.  

For our naked faced brothers, it's time to prepare for a month of unadulterated growth.  For others just starting, it's a time to shine as your beard achieves new noticeable lengths.  For the vets, you get to bask in the joy of your epic beard length in contrast to the newbies for the whole month.  

But no matter who you are, these 7 golden rules for beard growth ring true day in and day out.  So, let's get started:



Do not, touch the beard.  Expect the itchy phase and expect to want to scratch everywhere.  Don't do it!  Each time you touch your beard you are removing important natural oils products by your face to nourish and grow your beard.  Stay away from over drying it after a shower and don't over clean your beard after a meal with your napkin.  Natural oils are paramount to successful beard growth.  Leave it alone!


If you are new to growing your beard, expect your look to be "awkward" for a few months.  It takes time to allow your beard to grow in to a point which will fit the shape of your face, or the look you are going for.  So, don't be overly sensitive to the awkward stage of beard growth.  Even if you have patchy spots or uneven growth, keep at it as the rewards are a short journey away, my friend!  Embrace the high school years!


Now is the perfect time to start practicing proper beard hygiene.  Things like using an all natural beard oil after each shower, combing your beard out each morning, or using a deep conditioning butter will further expedite your beard growing experience.  This will also help fight the itchy feeling you get early on while growing and will keep your skin hydrated and clean.  Trust us, she will thank you!

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This is one area of your beard care regiment that you will not want to overlook.  Pick up some high quality scissors.  We recommend a solid Japanese steel scissor from any of the reputable companies out there in the market.  eBay might just be your friend.  Also, get a wooden comb.  Wooden combs are not expensive and they do no create static electricity when used.  This eliminates the tugging and pulling of your beard hair while using.  This style of comb is also great for spreading your oils and other products throughout your beard evenly, without having to use your hands so much.  Get the right tools for the job!


We are sure that before you even decided to grow your first whiskers, you had a "look" that you thought you wanted with your beard.  But, does that look compliment your face?  Faces come in all shapes and sizes and not all beards look the same on each of them.  Do yourself a favor and put a little time and effort into researching a style for your beard and face.  Do this before you decide to start trimming your whiskers!  Ever gone to the barber with an idea and came out looking like an alien?  Yeah, don't gamble with the labor of love you call your beard.


Once you get a few months in, you are going to want to find a local barber with an impeccable reputation.  Ask your bearded friends, ask your bearded neighbor, ask an Amish guy, but do whatever you have to do to find a trusted barber.  Keep going back to him as he begins to sculpt and helps you maintain your new "look" as you grow.  Websites like Yelp could be a decent source for recommendations, but we would strongly recommend that you ask other men with amazing looking beards that you run into.  Most of use don't mind receiving a little praise for our glorious man growth!


No matter what your end game looks like for your beard journey, keep at it.  There will be days that you wake up and might feel like throwing in the towel.  But get up, go look into the mirror, and slap yourself silly!  You have man things to do like BBQ, hunt, fishing and growing your beard to perfection.  You aren't shaving today sissy man, nope!  Not today!  

Find some bearded blogs online and join in the discussion.  Find some Facebook groups and meet other local bearded brothers.  Start a bearded chapter in your community and celebrate this new found freedom you have with your amazing facial growth.  

Whatever it is, get connected with likeminded brothers and revel in your glorious beardedness!


This is a journey to be enjoyed!  It should be shared with your friends!  If you are not a bearded brother yet, then maybe November is the month that you get this party started.  Follow the 7 golden rules of beard growth and you will be well on your way to the benefits of a bearded status!

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