In the early months of 2017, I had an idea...

I wanted to make a high quality beard product for people that I cared about.  But how the heck does one do that?  As a Veteran, I had my brothers in mind when developing my first ideas and plans.  "Why not beard products?", I thought.  After many failed attempts, I received some amazing feedback and that lands us where we are today.

You guys remember it... always having to shave.  Every day, sometimes many times a day.  Then you get your DD-214 and it's game on, it's show time.  Toss the razors and let the face sprouts grow to fulfill their own glorious achievements. What a damn good freaking day that was!

Maybe that's not you, but we are all guys.

Hey, you might be a guy that prefers to give his beard the excellence that it deserves.  You work hard and demand that your beard care products work just as hard as you.  I don't blame you at all.

Maybe you have no clue what this beard thing is about, and you simply are looking for some good information to help you in your growth journey.  Maybe you just dig beards.  Whoever you are and whatever you think, I am glad you're here.

All of you, and so many more, are why I created Order of Beards.

This is a Veteran owned business.  We are a small family business.  Everything we do is done in small batched and completed by hand.  This company is a USA based company and always will be such.  We take great pride in all of the above, and you should too.

Our products are all top tier 100% natural.  When noted, they are organic.  We use no chemicals, no perfumes, and no ingredients that are tested on animals.  These products are vegan friendly as well. These are the criteria that we were founded upon and will forever hold on to.  Only the best for our customers will suffice.

If you're serious about your beard care or if you simply want to learn more about how to give your beard the excellence that it deserves, I want to personally invite you to join us in the Order.

There are no monthly fees.  No dues.  No gimmicks. Just real men, with real beards, really caring about themselves and others.  No BS.

Get connected, Grow in the Order!

John W.
Owner and Founder
Order of Beards LLC