That's the best damn question anyone has ever asked me.

Well, we do beards.  It's our thing.  But the actual answer is much more detailed than that.  When preparing to launch this company, a few thoughts kept coming to mind.  Let's keep this brief and to the point:


If you have been growing your beard for a time and have chosen to purchase and use beard products, you might have noticed some things that I noticed too.  There are a lot of folks in it "for the money" alone.

Quality is our angle.  We use only 100% natural ingredients and never ones that are tested on animals.  We do not use any chemicals at all or perfumes in our products.  Our products are all truly USA sourced with the highest tier ingredients we can find.

We do not use inexpensive "filler" carrier oils.  Jojoba and Argan are our main carriers and the heart of all of our products.  If you want the best for your beard, then check the main ingredients of the product before purchasing or contact the seller for details.

If inexpensive carrier oils and plastic bottles are what's offered, look elsewhere.

I wanted something different, the best.


I am not sure how you feel, but if I am going to hand my hard earned money to someone for a product or service, I better be satisfied. This is part of our guarantee; You will be 100% satisfied or we will change the product or refund your money.  No questions asked.

We aim to offer the absolute best customer service in the industry to all of our customers.  It's part of our team's motto, it's our daily mantra and it's what drives us each and every day that we receive your orders.

Excellence is great service.


Incase you forgot, this is the land of the free and the home of the brave, baby!  When I shop online, I'll be honest, if they don't offer free shipping then I will keep looking.

I am firmly standing behind that ideal, I want free shipping and so do you.  Since our launch, we have offered this and will forever.  This will not change, you have our word on it.

FREE shipping to all of the USA.



No, of course not!

But these are a few of the ideals that we wanted to share with you.

Order of Beards aims to be a community minded brand.  We want to interact with you, hang with you, and grow beards with you.  We have some amazing plans for the road ahead and hope that you will join us in your beard growing journey.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or anywhere else we land and say hi!  Tag us in your pics, share content with us so that we can share it with others.  

Get connected! Join the Order!